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Thursday, March 15, 2007

University of the South Pacific introduces Internet Quota system

The University of the South Pacific has introduced an Internet Quota System to curb the widespread abuse of internet privileges by students, Communications manager Bernadette Hussain said yesterday.

Previously, students had free unlimited internet access due to a special internet package from the Australian Academic Research Network (AARNet) facilitated by a high bandwidth link through FINTEL and TFL.

The University will continue to provide free internet access but this time it will be controlled, Ms Hussain said in response to concerns over limited access to the use of internet services.

''In controlling use, students will be given a quota which is based on average student usage for academic requirements gained from historical internet usage data with different quota for Postgraduates (130Mb) and Undergraduates (80Mb) per month,'' Ms Hussain said.

Another USP official said this measure has been put in place after the discovery last year that a ''couple of million dollars'' were wasted for the use of unlimited use of internet services.

''Last year, we didnt monitor the use of internet. Its free and the fastest in this part of the world. Last years free and unkept access resulted in a lot of abuse where we found students had logged onto porn sites, downloaded videos and music. It was illegal and very expensive,'' the official said.

Students are reported to have supported the decision to put a cap on the use of internet services, the official said.

Source: Fiji Times

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