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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

North Malaita Anthropologist comments on using custom as excuse for compo demand

A North Malaita leader who is the Director of the Solomon Islands National Museum expresses concern over the way people are using custom as an excuse to demand compensation.

Lawrence Foanaota of Manakwai Village in North Malaita was referring to the recent incident in which some North Malaita chiefs demand the government to pay compensation for alleged threats and swearing made on their member of Parliament.

Mr Foanaota says whilst it's true that compensation should be paid to damages and embarrassment caused, it must be looked at in today's context.

He says when things happen, parties concerned should come together and discuss how they will deal with the situation.

Mr Foanaota says such things as demanding compensation without establishing the fact of what happenned is not right both in custom and law.

"I am thinking of holding public talks, organising different groups of people to come together and discuss these areas, because it's that isolation, that leads to one group dominating over the other. We are in a multi-cultural situation, we have different languages, different cultures and different ways of doing things."

Source: SIBC

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