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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Malu'u VIASAT commissioned by Solomon Telekom enabling phone contact to the outside world

The push to increase rural connectivity and communication received a major boost when Solomon Telekom installed and commissioned a VIASAT Satellite Communication System at Malu'u Station in North Malaita on the 26th of February 2007.

Prefabricated equipment being unloaded at Malu'u, North Malaita, Malaita Province [pic by Solomon Telekom]

Initial groundwork for the project began in mid 2006 and the commissioning of this service coincided with other major provincial projects including the soft launch of a new GSM system and wireless broadband internet access for Gizo in the Western Province.

Amazing skill and precision was required for a task of this size and magnitude [pic by Solomon Telekom]

Martyn Robinson, Solomon Telekom CEO, in his 2006 New Year message identified the Malu'u VIASAT project as one of the three projects Solomon Telekom would deploy in the company's ambitious plans to bring communications infrastructure to rural areas in 2006. With Yandina and Malu'u now in operation, the company is slowly but surely making significant progress in its plans.

With this service in operation, access to telephone services in Malu'u and its surrounding communities will provide residents with an opportunity to connect to the rest of the world. This will hopefully be the needed impetus to development. In many ways, initiatives such as this provide the means through which the government can deliver its much anticipated 'bottom up' development strategy.

The completed and commissioned VIASAT station at Malu'u, North Malaita, Malaita Province [pic by Solomon Telekom]

Wilson Leguvaka, Senior Engineer Projects, remarked that, "this was a historical achievement. The people of Malu'u and its surrounding areas are already in awe of this latest development". "They have expressed deep appreciation because this is a service they had been looking forward to for such a long time."

The Malu'u VIASAT Satellite Communication System has cost Solomon Telekom SBD$1.5 million and is part of Solomon Telekom's nationwide rural telecommunications rollout initiative. This service will be officially launched at a later date.

With its new slogan "Our Telekom", the company is certainly making a case to justify that claim. Two public phones were installed providing telephone services to the Malu'u & surrounding communities. The telephone numbers are 41302 & 41303.

Source: Solomon Telekom

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