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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Malaita resource owners warned not to sell possible "gem stones" to unlicensed buyers

Resource owners of East Malaita in the Solomon Islands have been reminded to stop selling what they say are "gem stones" to those without licences from the Malaita Provincial Government.

Senior Administration Officer at Atori in East Malaita, Gregory Angisia, issued the reminder because this practice had been going on for sometimes in the province.

Mr Angisia says buyers who don't have licence under the Malaita Business Licence Ordinance Act to buy gem stones would be committing a crime under the Ordinance.

He says the ordinance is to safeguard resources of landowners and that proper procedures are followed in such dealings.

"I want to assure land resource owners of East Malaita, especially East Kwara'ae and East Fataleka that from now selling of gem stones to any local buyer who does not have a licence from the provincial authority, it's an offence under law for people to continues such practices. I also like to appeal to local buyers too, that if this is done illegally, then this practice must stop."

Meanwhile, Mr Angisia says they making arrangements with an overseas group to go to East Malaita to test and verify if those stones are gems.

Source: SIBC

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