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Friday, February 09, 2007

Sogavare lashes out at statement from the Director of Public Prosecution

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare lashes out at allegations that the criminal justice system in the country has been interfered with and tainted to satisfy the personal vendettas of certain people.

The Prime Minister says the fact that the statement comes from the country's director of Public prosecution makes the matter more serious.

In a statement Mr Sogavare says he is seriously concern with a statement by the DPP that the allegation was fabricated at the design of some authorities for their personal gain.

He also says he is personally insulted by a statement from the Parliamentary opposition that the alleged plot to assassinate the Prime Minister was framed to build support for the government to arm the Close Protection Unit.

The Prime Minister says government will not rest until it establishes the motives and reasons as to why the DPP had made such a public statement when the case is still under investigation.

He questions why police officers who made original statements of their own free will are now alleged to have altered their positions, and accused of making false statements.

The Prime Minister also questions why investigations into the matter were directed at police officers than the alleged crime.

He says government is concern that the case is allowed to fall in the hands of Australian officers who might be perceived as having serious conflict of interest.

Meanwhile, the office of the Director of the Public Prosecutions has clarified media reports that have implied impropriety by police in the case relating to attempt murder of the Prime Minister.

The Director Ronald Talasasa says that the file forwarded to his office does not contain any material suggesting impropriety on the part of RAMSI police. He says RAMSI police was not involved in the initial stages of the investigations.

Mr Talasasa says there is no intention to discredit RAMSI police nor is there any allegations of impropriety against them.

He acknowledges and appreciates the functions and responsibilities of the Solomon Islands Police and the support of RAMSI police towards the security and maintenance of the rule of law in Solomon Islands.

Source: SIBC

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