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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Malaita opposition MPs claim their lives were threatened amidst political tussle in Honiara

Three Opposition and one Independent members of Parliament from Malaita have condemned death threats made against them.

Opposition leader and MP for Central Kwara'ae, Fred Fono, Independent leader and MP for North Malaita, Enele Kwanairara; East Are Are MP, Edward Huniehu and Small Malaita MP William Haomae have all received death threats from unidentified people believed to be living in Honiara.

A statement from the MPs says the people who have issued the death threats have also sworn at them and their families. They says the behaviour is not in line with Christian principles, traditional and cultural norms.

The MPs say if national leaders are involved in the threats they should consider their integrity and lest they forget, the respect people have for them.

They believe people who were against the planned no confidence motion by the Opposition had made the death threats and swearing.

The four MPs say threats on national leaders are disrespectful, unwarranted and uncalled for because they should be allowed to discuss national issues freely both inside and outside Parliament.

Source: SIBC

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