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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Malaita MPs in Sogavare government take collective stand to oppose upcoming "no-confidence motion"

Malaita Members of Parliament in the Soagavare led Great Grand Coalition government have taken a collective stand to oppose the "no confidence motion" to be moved by another Malaita MP and opposition member Hon William Haomae this Friday.

A statement from the thirteen MPs from Malaita including the three MPs from Honiara seats, who are with the government, says they made the position clear in the spirit of Malaita culture. The statement adds the MPs will support the Sogavare led government and vote "NO" in the coming vote on the "no-confidence motion this Friday.

Instead they appealed to the intended mover, Hon William Haomae MP for South Malaita to withdraw the motion.

The government MPs from Malaita Province in the Sogavare Government also urge the people of Malaita to speak to their MPs in the Opposition not to support the no-confidence motion or better still call on the Member for South Malaita to withdraw the motion and stop disturbing government's programmes.

“Malaita people suffered enough since the ethnic unrest despite the fact that they have invested a lot in building the nation. Malaitan MPs in the Opposition should see this as serious enough not to trade off with individual political inclinations,” the signed statement said.

Malaita MPs who signed the statement included Hon. Toswell Kaua, Hon. Joses Sanga, Hon. Steve Abana, Hon. Stanley Sofu, Hon. Sam Iduri, Hon. Peter Tom, Hon. Bently Rogosomani, Hon. Severino Nuaiasi, Hon. Patrick Vahoe, Hon. Batholomew Ulufa’alu, Hon. Charles Dausabea, Hon. Isaac Inoke and Hon. Nelson Ne’e.

The statement asked four MPs in the Opposition to work closely with the rest of the Malaita MPs. The four Malaita MPs in the opposition group are MP for Central Kwara'ae who is the opposition leader, Hon Fred Fono; Leader of the Independent Group, and MP for North Malaita, Hon Enele Kwanaiara; MP for East Are'Are, Hon Edward Huni'ehu; and MP for Small Malaita, Hon William Haomae. It can therefore be speculated that only these four Malaita MPs in the opposition grouping may vote "YES" to the motion.

Meanwhile analysis from the independent MyBlog believes that the motion of no confidence will be defeated if the government maintains its number.

MyBlog indicates that a majority of people in the country would want their MPs to vote for the motion, but various factors are likely to influence government MPs voting against the the motion. Among them are maintaining political stability, and the benefits Cabinet Ministers and backbenchers/chairman of statutory organisations are enjoying which may be too good to loose.

"On the other hand, voting in the open rather than through a secret ballot would be too much for the faint-hearted. The fear of threats to any MP crossing the floor may also prevent government MPs from voting according to their conscience."

MyBlog concludes that whatever the outcome of the motion, there will be consequences both good and bad. There is an uncertain future now in the country. There is going to be much lobbying especially by the government to maintain its number over the next few days. The suggestion that money could play an influencing role in the outcome of the motion cannot be ruled out.

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