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Friday, February 09, 2007

Infant Incubator earmarked for Malu'u Clinic as a TARD community project arrives in Honiara

An infant incubator worth thousands of dollars donated by the Medical Aid Abroad in New Zealand (MAANZ) towards the Malu'u Clinic in North Malaita has arrived in Honiara early this week, awaiting clearance.

The infant incubator is another community development project of the To'abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) student volunteer group in partnership with the prominent non government organisation in Auckland.

According to reports from the TARD Solomon Islands committee, the incubator is currently stored at the Solomon Islands Ports Authority and arrangements are being finalized to clear the incubator by next week.

An infant incubator is an important equipment which provides a controlled environment for newborns needing special care, such as those born prematurely. By placing an infant in an incubator, doctors and nurses can set and monitor different aspects of the child’s environment in order to create ideal conditions for survival. In addition to regulating oxygen, temperature, and humidity levels, incubators protect infants from pollutants and infection. Infant incubators and other advances in medical technology have made it possible for small or premature babies to survive in higher numbers than they did in the middle of the 20th century.

During our recent discussions with the staff at Malu'u clinic, we have gathered that there is a great need for such equipments as mothers and babies in North Malaita who face similar emergencies had to be rushed to the Malaita provincial hospital at Kilu'ufi. This would be the first infant incubator that Malu'u will own since its establishment.

With the latest donation of that incubator, TARD is adament that emergency cases of such nature can be immediately attended to at Malu'u at least for a few hours to monitor the health of premature babies before being transferred to Kilu'ufi Hospital.

With the partnership, MAANZ donated the equipment and ensured to cover the original packaging and shipping costs from Auckland to Honiara. TARD will reimburse MAANZ based on mutual agreement and trust that exists between TARD and MAANZ. In our collective effort to develop North Malaita, the parliament member of North Malaita Constituency Hon Daniel Enele Kwanairara has assured TARD of his committment to reimburse all the costs incurred by MAANZ which was about NZ$571.88.

Last year, the MAANZ organisation have also donated 40 boxes of medical supplies to four rural clinics in North Malaita which was distributed in early December, in partnership with TARD.

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