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Friday, January 26, 2007

North Malaita rural farmer wants Solomon Islanders to help each other

A North Malaita rural farmer urges all Solomon Islanders to help each other achieve true and lasting peace.

Mr Atimas Maeta, 65, said he had been doing this over the past years but wanted more people involved. Mr Maeta said in his effort to promote peace he also used his farming skills to teach others in the rural areas.

“I have been doing this for the past 30 to 40 years ever since being converted into the South Seas Evangelistic Church. Since then I have been working for God through helping others start up their poultry and piggery farms,” said the farmer.

He added that he also assisted people start vegetable farms for friends. “As Christians we should uphold the virtues and principles of Christianity and lead the way so that we could be good examples for the upcoming generations to follow,” Mr Maeta said.

Speaking of today’s situation, Mr Maeta said most people are too proud to help their relatives or even to share a piece of land to another.

“Nowadays, people seem to fight for just about everything, like land for example. That is simply not the right way to go about handling it. Instead, we should work towards developing it so that we all benefit from it,” Maeta said.

Meanwhile Maeta emphasised that through helping others, we can help ourselves, our families and the nation as a whole”. Mr Maeta calls on all churches in the country to stand together and strive for long lasting peace.

Source: Solomon Star

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