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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Malaita Premier announces his provincial executive

The new Malaita Premier, Hon Richard Irosae Na'amo, has announced his provincial assembly executive.

In the new executive, Hon Na'amo is responsible for the Office of the Premier. The names of the other 15 members of the 16-member executive are:

1. Deputy Premier and Minister for Development Planning, Hon Edwin Suibaea;
2. Minister for Finance and Treasury, Hon Moffat George;
3. Minister for Commerce and Industries, Hon Billy Abae;
4. Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Hon Senly Filualea;
5. Minister for Land, Housing and Urban Development, Hon Robert Madeo;
6. Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources, Hon Billy Farobo;
7. Minister for Culture and Tourism, Hon Tony Silas Bobby;
8. Minister for Forest, Environment and Conservation, Hon Charles Jeffrey;
9. Minister for Infrastructure, Development and Communication, Hon William Isui;
10.Minister for Education and Human Resources Development, Hon Randall Sifoni;
11.Minister for Health and Medical Services, Hon Isaac Houhiapa;
12.Minister for Mines and Energy, Hon George Abana;
13.Minister for Sports, Youth and Women's Affairs, HonJimmy Manewai;
14.Minister of Ecclesiastical and Regional Affairs, Hon John Teehou and
15.Minister for Police and Justice is still unallocated.

Source: SIBC

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