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Monday, December 11, 2006

TARD's successful participation in the North Malaita Constituency Consultative Seminar

The To'abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) has successfully participated in the two day North Malaita Constituency leaders consultative seminar in Malu'u from November 27-28 2006.

During the seminar, TARD was offered various time slots to aware chiefs, community, provincial and national leaders of the purpose of TARD, its goals and vision, achievements, challenges and collective recommendations. TARD representatives in the workshop are James Iilu, Exsley Taloiburi and Ishmael Alulu.

The two day consultative seminar was organized and facilitated by the North Malaita Constituency member of parliament, Hon Daniel Enele Kwanairara, after prior consultative with TARD.

Major objectives of the seminar are to:
- update constituency leaders of the goals, achievements, challenges, and recommendatios of each independent unit, framework, or group that are established within the constituency.

- provide a venue for an open forum on charting the way forward for the North Malaita Constituency in preparation for the national government's bottom-up developmental approach policies.

- drafting of a Malu'u Communique which consists of genuine recommendations to be forwarded to appropriate authorities within the government ministries and donors for consideration.

- to set the platform for a one week workshop in February 2007 where a short to long term development plan for North Malaita Constituency will be adopted after widespread consultation with rural people.

The two day leaders workshop was the first of its kind in the history of North Malaita Constituency and was attended by more than sixty registered participants. Participants included the member of parliament for North Malaita Constituency and his staff, two provincial ward members, To'abaita council of chiefs, Malu'u public servants, TARD representatives, women group leaders, youth group leaders, church leaders, village elders, To'abaita business owners, rural training center representatives, and other self help volunatry groups and committees.

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