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Thursday, December 21, 2006

SI Cabinet endorses Moti's travel to Australia for discussion

Analysis from MyBlog

Solomon Islands Government makes the right decision

A sigh of relief
It is a sigh of relief for thousands of Solomon Islanders. The waiting is nearly over. Would the Solomon Islands government and Julian Moti humble themselves and let the law take its cause?

Yes, finally, the Solomon Islands Government, particularly Cabinet has endorsed that suspended Attorney General Julian Moti can now travel to Australia to discuss with legal eagles why he is wanted in Australia.

Solomon Islands Cabinet must be commended, in reaching such a decision that points the way forward to mending relations with the Australian government and judiciary over the Moti issue. The decision was not a surprise, but its when, Solomon Islands would succumb to the Pacific region's Big Brother. This is not to demean Solomon as a sovereign nation. No. It is just that leaders need to come to their senses in a situation that they cannot win. And, with the 2007 Budget being finalised, Solomon Islands cannot afford to be stubborn.

The Cabinet's decision must be seen as how Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare described it as being made in the interest of diplomacy. Not only that, but the thousands of Solomon Islanders can breath a sigh of relief that the Moti issue is finnally being addressed. And, there may be a green light at the end of the tunnel.

In a statement Prime Minister Sogavare says the government appreciated the fact that Solomon Islands was part of the region (Pacific) so when it came to such issues, it was duty-bound to look at them seriously for the simple reason of keeping the region free of whatever that would undermine its peace and security. However, he says the government also needed to look seriously at such requests adding that the case of Julian Moti was interesting because it was already cleared by the Vanuatu Judiciary and the question why Australia decided to pursue him for the case only after he was appointed as Solomon Islands Attorney General.

Moti by the way is still an innocent person until proven guilty on the alleged charges laid on him. MyBlog believes Solomon Islanders will welcome him with open arms, now that he would be travelling to Australia to try and clear his name.

Source: MyBlog

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