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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

North Malaita community clinics received donated medical supplies from TARD

Forty boxes of medical supplies kindly donated by the Medical Aid Abroad (MAANZ) organization in New Zealand to four health clinics in North Malaita had been successfully distributed by the To'abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) student voluntary group, on December 2 2006.

Transportation of the medical supplies from Honiara-Auki-North Malaita.

The medical supplies were shipped from Auckland to Honiara in September by MAANZ which also paid for the shipping costs. The supplies were then stored in Honiara until TARD members returned from Fiji in mid November.

Distribution of Gwaiau and Fo'ondo clinic supplies (left); and traditional community gift presentation for TARD (right).

The shipping freight from Honiara to Auki for the medical supplies was met by TARD whilst land transportation from Auki to Malu'u was provided by the Australian Government's Community Sector Program (CSP).

Delivery of supplies to the staff and village committee at Bita'ama clinic.

Distribution of the supplies was carried out on Saturday December 2006 in a hired transport by the Member of Parliament for North Malaita Constituency, Honourable Daniel Enele Kwanairara. TARD members who were part of the distribution group are Simon Mau, Lenny Konamauri, Alwyn Danitofea, Lynly Galie, Exsley Taloiburi, Steven Filiomea, Ishmael Alulu, and James Iilu.

Final handover to staff and clinic committee at Malu'u Station.

Supplies for Fo'ondo and Gwaiau clinics were distributed at the Malanaofe Market, while Bita'ama and Malu'u were done at the respective clinics. In receiving the medical supplies, the communities, chiefs, and clinic committees have thanked TARD for facilitating such assistance, particularly from a prominent voluntary organization in New Zealand.

In response to the community feedbacks, the Chairman of TARD Mr Exsley Taloiburi also thanked the donors, communities and support groups for having the confidence in a very young voluntary group such as TARD and sharing a youth initiated vision.

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