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Monday, December 11, 2006

Malaita Province identifies its 10 year strategic plan

The out-going Malaita Provincial Government has identified priority areas under a ten year strategic plan to develop the province.

The plan is for Year 2007 to 2017. The Malaita 10 year plan says the priorities areas are important to social and economic development of the province.

It says five areas are considered to underpin requirements to the Province's potential success in reaching its Strategic Visions. The areas include creating an effective road infrastructure, establishing effective and affordable telecommunication systems and providing sustainable and environmentally acceptable sources of energy in the province.

The other priority areas are the creation of training and support for processes that rebuild Malaita's sense of community and the need to spend funds more wisely towards the province's vision.

The Malaita 10 year plan was compiled following various consultative meetings with people in the province.

Meanwhile, provincial elections in Malaita will be held later this month where a new provincial executive is expected to be elected to run the provincial affairs. Intending candidates are already in the process of campaigning and winning candidates should be known by late this month. The out-going provincial government was under the leadership of Premier Reuben Moli.

Source: SIBC

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