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Friday, December 29, 2006

Guadalcanal demands resurface in a letter to PM Sogavare

Seasons greetings folks,
Below is a written copy of a letter written to the Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, regarding the above issue by Hon Nollen Leni. TARD believes that this warning should not be taken lightly, as we have seen the implications of stubbornness and inactiveness of past governments in addressing these demands. The recent ethnic uprising in Solomon Islands is a direct result of such no-care attitudes by previous govts on outstanding concerns.

The letter was written on 6th November, but stamped as being received on 12th December 2006.

Dated 6 Nov 2006

My dear Prime Minister,

I had an audience with (a former senior Guadalcanal militant and a former prisoner. MyBlog left out the name) and some former militants in my office last Friday.

They call in (without appointment) to make an oral warning. This warning is serious and this government must act quickly to get things under control.

Their submission
All successive governments since Guadalcanal province's first protest in 1988 have never acted on Guadalcanal Provinces Bona-Fide demands. The ethnic crisis of 2000 will seriously repeat itself very soon for the same reason of neglecting the demands.

The reasons
1) Guadalcanal bonafide demands are no secret to this government
2) The Guadalcanal co-ordination committee which comprises of both provincial and national members of parliament had an audience with your goodself early this year and repeated the bonafide demand submission.
3) The new events take priority of government work program eg Moti saga, Australian standoff, riot commission
4) The continued delay of reconciliation work between Malaita and Guadalcanal communities
5) Continued re-juvenation of squatters around Honiara
6) Delay of state government issue

The warning
The way things appear now indicate that this government is going to shelf the bona fide demands and so the warning is:

1) All Guadalcanal MPs must consider their loyalty for the bonfide demands
2) In view of what appears to be a continuation of being-no care attitude by this gov't on the demands-Guadalcanal MPs will be forced by threats to pull out from the government
3) Deleted by MyBlog
4) Deleted by MyBlog
5) Deleted by MyBlog

I have been asked to call all Guadalcanal MPs to discuss this subject.

My prime minister while we have the best policies our lives and family are important when it comes to threats. I therefore will call all the 8 MPs to meet but having witnessed the actions of our men in 2000 we should never take things lightly.

Urgent recommendations
1)Return the titles of the Lungga Mamara Tasifarongo, Ruaniu to Guadalcanal province to ease tension. Why because the previous government did a big mistake by converting all the TOLs to fixed term estates.
2) Please direct the Minister and commissioner of lands to act now.

Hon Nollen Leni
Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources
CC: All Ministers

Source: MyBlog

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