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Thursday, November 16, 2006

TARD rep. meet with Australian high commision staff in Honiara.

Exsley Taloiburi
Thursday 16 November 2006

Two TARD members have successfully briefed the Public Affairs Officer at the Solomon Islands High Commission Office in Honiara yesterday afternoon, an hour after their arrival from Fiji.

Mr Exsley Taloiburi (TARD Chairman) and Lenny Konamauri (Christmas Games committee member) have met with Ms Anthea Blaikie from 3.30-4pm yesterday to brief the Australian High Commission officer about the vision and objectives of TARD.

The 30 minutes meeting was purposely used to further discuss TARD's proposal to the High Commission about the proposed North Malaita 2006 hristmas Games to be organised by TARD at Maluu from December 20-22. Also, during the meeting TARD representatives were aslo briefed about first hand information on how TARD can be able to tap the available funds at the Australian High Commission.

According to Mr Exsley Taloiburi, yesterday's meeting was a very positive one which really impressed the Australian High Commission officer.

"We have learnt some hidden ideas that we were not aware of before hand. Also, our meeting outcome was positive because they have shown committment to assist in any future TARD community projects in the areas such as education, health, sanitation, and cultural activities," added Taloiburi from Honiara.

The outcome for the funding of the North Malaita Christmas Games is expected to be made known by the end of the week or early next week.

Also last night, Mr Taloiburi has met with a Solomon Islands Tobacco staff to discuss ideas regarding to sponsoring two signboards in the North Malaita Constituency. The discussion was held with Mr Rickson, who the head of the Winfield making machines. The outcome is that Rickson will be following up on this idea with his superiors before updating TARD on what the group needs to do.

Today, the TARD students including Alice Siuna, Lynly Galie and Lenny Konamauri have met with Exsley in town to discuss some plans for the next few days. As a result, the students will be meeting with the Baelelea MP and Minister for Culture and Tourism, Hon Bentley Ragosomani, at 2.30pm this afternoon.

Some members of the North Malaita House of Chiefs such as Mr William Saeni and Mr Salekai from Walo have also been briefed about TARD. This was also done to other ordinary To'abaita people at Kaibia (Honiara) including some tertiary students such as Fred Salekai and others.

So far, within two days there has been alot of advancement about TARD goals and the support shown was very encouraging.


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