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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

TARD commends Bita’ama chiefs and Malaita police

The To’abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) volunteer group, which consists of North Malaita students who are studying in various institutions in Fiji, has commended the swift action that was taken by chiefs and Auki police to arrest suspects in the yacht raid at Bita’ama.

Last week, the students have condemned the unfortunate experience, which was also supported by the Member of Parliament for North Malaita, Hon Daniel Enele Kwanairara. Both the students and the North Malaita MP have called for cooperation amongst the Bita’ama community and chiefs to assist police in their investigations into that incident. As a result, police at Auki have arrested four men on Monday this week after an immediate investigation into the robbery on board a yacht at Bita’ama in the early hours of Sunday October 22nd.

“The great cooperation that was shared between the Bita’ama chiefs and Malaita Provincial police needs to be commended particularly for initiating a prompt investigation into the incident, and arresting those responsible just within a week.”

“Such genuine assistance rendered by rural communities in North Malaita on issues like that is a clear indication to outsiders especially tourists and donors that a majority of people in North Malaita have learnt their lesson during the ethnic tension and are good Christians, peace loving, and law abiders that do not tolerate lawlessness. It is only a few people, which is typical of other societies, that tend to disregard the good work that North Malaita leaders are currently doing to restore a good image to that region in an attempt to attract genuine helpers either from the government or non-government organizations.”

“As the educated elites and emerging leaders of North Malaita, we would continue to assure genuine donors and investors that we are committed to educating our people, and above that North Malaita is still a safe and better place to visit. We also wish to appeal to our leaders and people to work together for the betterment of North Malaita by involving ourselves in activities for a good cause rather than trouble.

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