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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

North Malaita MP donates mattresses and computer to Malu'u Area Health Center

The North Malaita Constituency member of parliament, Hon Enele Daniel Kwanairara, has recently supplied 40 mattresses to the Malu'u Area Health Center.

In an email sent to TARD by the honourable, he stated that the 40 mattresses have already been delivered to the Malu'u clinic, whilst a second hand computer is expected to be shipped this week from Honiara to Malaita to assist the hospital committee for data recording. He also revealed that an ambulance vehicle is on the priority list for the Malu'u Area Health Center to transport urgent medical cases to Kilu'ufi hospital.

Earlier in August this year, the To'abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) has drafted and commissioned a North Malaita Working Paper after collective inputs and discussions from North Malaita scholars and working leaders throughout the world including Solomon Islands. As a result that working paper was submitted to the honourable as well beside other common North Malaita people. The upgradation of facilities and an ambulance vehicle for Malu'u Area Health Center is a priority need for development which was outlined in that paper, and we are grateful that our honourable has taken initiatives to address some of those urgent issues.

Meanwhile, there will be another input of medical supplies to the Malu'u health center along with the other three clinics (Bita'ama, Gwaiau & Fo'ondo) to support the work done by the MP, as part of a TARD Community Development Project. The 40 boxes of medical supplies which consist of important instruments, dressing kits, medications and other items were donated by a New Zealand organization known as the Medical Aid Abroad (MAA). This project is done in partnership with TARD and the supplies are already in Honiara awaiting the students' return next month before being transported to North Malaita for distribution.

In another related news, a founding member of TARD who is now teaching at the Arnon Atomea Community High School in North Malaita has informed us that a proposed Malu'u Clinic Health Show is scheduled for 10th-12th January 2007. During that time, another self-help group formed in North Malaita which is known as the "Malu'u Hospital Counterpart (MHC)" will be launched.

According to Mr Darlyn Ramo who emailed us from Silolo PFNet Station, the MHC's launching theme is "Institutional Sustainability". This is aimed at establishing "Self-reliance" principles and practices to our rural community people of North Malaita. Their motto is "NO FORGETEM HELT". During this Health show, other activities, cultural shows and dramas will be carried out. The MHC committee has also invited TARD to become part of that program whereby rural people will be awared of the existence of these two volunteer groups that are established to work for the betterment of North Malaita people.

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