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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

North Malaita mother returns home with a piece of Solomon Islands history

After spending more than two months in Honiara since the birth of the country’s historical quadruplets, they will now return to their home village in Galilee, North Malaita today.
North Malaita mother Roselyn Suikona with her two-and-half-months-old daughters who are Solomon's first quadruplets.

Larisa, Kimisa, Ketisa and Julisa will fly home today with their happy parents Wayne and Roselyn Suikona since their birth on August 2 at the National Referral Hospital.

Mrs Suikona was airlifted to Honiara from Kilu’ufi Hospital on August 2 after experiencing labour pains - a month before her due date. At 9pm that night she gave birth to four beautiful baby girls through caesarean section. Following the operation the babies were being cared for by the nurses and doctors at the children’s nursery centre. And today after two months under post-natal care - these girls are leaving.

Yesterday the Kukum Dorcas members were at the hospital to farewell the family. The group was one of many who have visited and provided assistance to the family after Solomon Star highlighted their story in August.

Group leader Martha Losi said their visit yesterday was to donate some basic items such as soap and clothes for the girls. “We are pleased to assist these babies and we wish you well as you return to your home village,” Ms Losi told the family.

Mambo Fangaria, who used to visit the family during the weekends, arranged the Dorcas Women’s visit yesterday. Mr Fangaria said it is important church groups involved because it is part of the group’s service to those in hospital.

Mr and Mrs Suikona were lost for words yesterday as they thanked the women and all those people who have provided for the family during their two and a half months stay in Honiara. “We truly acknowledge the assistance and visits by the many people who have called in to see our little girls. We are thankful indeed,” Mrs Suikona said.

Mr Suikona stated that they were finally allowed to return home because the girls are now fit and healthy after their premature birth. However, he said they would return again in three years for further medical examination.

When asked how they (the parents) are coping with their girls. Mrs Suikona said at first it was a struggle to feed them all at once but she has now managed with the assistance of her husband and sister. The birth of the four baby girls means Mr and Mrs Suikona now have nine children - eight girls and one boy.

Source: Solomon Star

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