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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Vatican Diplomat presents credentials to SI Governor General

By George Herming

The new Vatican diplomat to Solomon Islands, His Excellency Reverend Archbishop Monsignor Francis Montecillo Padilla, presented his credentials to the Governor General, Sir Nathaniel in Honiara today.

Both leaders have commonly valued human life in relation to the world economy.

Head of the Vatican His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Archbishop Padilla to be the next diplomatic representative to Solomon Islands.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, both leaders expressed high regard for the value of the existence of human beings in relation to the economies of the world.

Sir Nathaniel said a secure economic system is crucial for human life in man’s desire for development.

He told Archbishop Padilla that Solomon Islands is at a cross road in national reconstruction following five years of armed conflict.

“Our geographical distribution of islands and the apparent isolation provide us with very complex setbacks for our developing nation.

“Heedful of the fact that we are part of a mutually interdependent global community, we face enormous challenges relating to the world economy,” Sir Nathaniel said.

In light of this issue, Sir Nathaniel said Solomon Islands has come across countless compromises to be able to make available its economic demands.

In his remarks, Archbishop Padilla said human life is also related with economy.

“The economic order should be based on justice.

“All economic activities should be socially responsible and carried out using ethical standards.

“It is this that makes the economy really efficient, that is, beneficial to the people.

“A life lived only for financial profit is barren and poor,” he said.

The Archbishop encouraged those involved in the work of the economy of the nation to be open and responsible towards the civil society.

“It is therefore imperative that all governments be responsible stewards of the resources of the planet and should be used for the benefit of everyone.

“All nations have the right to use their resources, sharing them with others, as well as to develop technologies for their effective use,” the Archbishop said.

Sir Nathaniel assured the Vatican that the Solomon Islands Government places greater commitment to ensure its economy development tolerates sustainable use of its resources.

“The government of Solomon Islands is committed to building an economic system which is robust to meet the desire and aspirations of the nation and not burden the sustainability of our resources,” he said.

Archbishop Padilla is convinced that the already existing warm relations between Solomon Islands and the Vatican will lead to ever closer understanding and cooperation in matters of common concern with the sincere cooperation of the Catholic Church in Solomon Islands.

The ceremony was held in the presence of Foreign Affairs Minister Hon Patterson Oti and other top officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Source: Government Communications Unit

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