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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

To'abaita youth attends JICA Training on Sustainable Development of Mining in Kosaka, Japan

Another To'abaita youth and future leader is currently attending a 3 months JICA training course on "Sustainable Development of Mining" in Kosaka, Japan.
Mr. Wilson Billy Rafiau who hails from Malu'u in the North Malaita region was nominated by the Department of Mines and Energy to attend this 3 months course at the Mining Institute of Technology (MINETEC) in Kosaka Perfecture, Japan beginning from 6th August to 19th November 2006.

According to Mr Rafiau, the objectives of the course include:
- To understand the role of the mining industry in Japan;
- To understand what mining has done to Japan economically, socially, and environmentally (both advantages and disadvantages);
- To understand the mining policy and laws (environmental, mineral etc.) that governs the mining sector in Japan;
- To analyse case studies of environmental issues from the participants' countries;
- To study the technology used in the mining and the methods used in treating and solving environmental issues in Japan and promote potential technology transfer; and
- To have abroad idea of the Japanese government approaches towards mining and the environment, and how to apply the knowledge in the participants' countries.

"The most important message from the training is that if we want to pursue development, we must ensure that there is a balance between development and the preservation of nature and the environment", said Mr Rafiau.

The training course has attracted a total of 18 participants from different countries and continents ranging from Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Oceania region (Solomon Islands, Cook Islands and Vanuatu).

The most unique thing about Mr Rafiau's trip is that he is the first Solomon Islands participant and the Department of Mines and Energy nominee under JICA training to go to Kosaka. As a result, the Kosaka International Society (KIS) has organised a Flag Painting Ceremony this coming Saturday (02/09/06) where participants will paint their national flags for future public display in Kosaka.

Other field activities relating to the course include visits to abandoned mines, rehabilitated mines, recycling plants, smelting plants, and electronic recycling plants which are located in different places all over Japan.

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