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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

To'abaita student invited to attend Youth Congress Workshop in Suva for CTA/USP Essay

A To'abaita student studying at the University of the South Pacific in Suva has been invited by the organisers to attend the CTA/USP youth congress on "Youth and Employment/Wealth Creation: Opportunities in Agriculture, Science and Technology" from 5-8 September 2006 at USP for his essay on the above theme.

Mr Exsley Taloiburi, who has won six essays so far in Fiji over the last three years earning more than four thousand Fijian dollars has again been selected to attend the four days workshop at the University of the South Pacific, with all expenses paid.

Click here to read Exsley's entry for the CTA/USP Regional Essay Competition

Earlier this year, the University of the South Pacific and the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) announced a regional essay competition based on the topic: Tapping the Potential of Science, Technology and Innovation in Agri-food Chains- Creating Employment and Wealth for Youths in the Pacific. The regional essay competition was open to Youths in the Pacific aged between 18-30 years.

The organizers require essays to explore the following areas:
- identify the critical obstacles facing the youth in the quest for
employment and wealth creation in the Pacific;
- explore how agriculture, science, technology and innovation can
be employed to overcome these obstacles; and
- give practical proposals/suggestions on how to tap the potential
of agriculture, science, technology and innovation in agri-food chains in the Pacific.

The judging criteria was that essays would be evaluated on the basis of demonstrated understanding on the issues, quality of argument or analysis and writing style.

The prizes for the CTA/USP Regional Youth Essay Competition include:
- Sponsorship to the CTA/USP youth congress on "Youth and
Employment/Wealth Creation: Opportunities in Agriculture, Science and Technology" from 5-8 September 2006 at USP, Suva, Fiji (travel, accommodation, food and sustenance paid);
- Cash prize and certificates for the top five entrants;
- Essays to be published on the CTA/USP websites and other

In an email sent to Mr Taloiburi today, the CTA Coordinator at the Faculty of Science and Technology Ms Daisy Terry revealed that the winners and prizes will be announced during the workshop. She also stated that Mr Taloiburi is required to bring an abstract of his essay (no more than 150 words) for the postal display of his essay during the workshop. Mr Taloiburi is now advised to arrange the details for his flights from the Solomon Islands and Fiji and report to the organizers on the cost details. However, this privilege may be foregone since Exsley is already studying at the Laucala Campus in Suva.

We are hoping that who ever reads this article will be inspired to work hard and commit more effort on his/her individual talents and personal endeavours. In addition, one of the goals of forming TARD is to encourage our students to excel in their school work and thus promote a good image to the To'abaita region, which has been tarnished after the ethnic tension in Solomon Islands.

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