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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Solomon Islands Attorney General vs Prime Minister in court today: is this a good start?

The case of the Attorney General challenging the Prime Minister over two terms of reference of the Commission of Inquiry into the April riots will be heard in the next one and a half hours at 1.30pm (SI time) today at the High Court.

Solicitor General Nathan Moshinsky is representing the office of the Attorney General.

It is still not clear at this stage who will be representing the Prime Minister.

The Office of the Attorney General wants the court to squash the two terms of reference which require the Commission to investigate the involvement of two Honiara MPs in the April riots.

The two, East Honiara MP Charles Dausabea and Central Honiara MP Nelson Ne'e are facing charges relating to the rioting, looting and burning of April 18th.

The Attorney General is asserting a possible contempt of court and interference with due process of court, should the Commission is allowed to pursue the two terms of reference.

In another court appearance, businessman Alex Bartlett appears for mention at the Honiara Magistrates Court on one count of conspiracy to commit felony.

The charge relates to a meeting he was alleged to have had with three others where they conspired to kill certain MPs in the former government and to destroy certain businesses in Honiara following the election of a Prime Minister on April 18th.

Source: SIBC

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