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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

SI students and teachers may learn Taiwan's success story

Students/teachers exchange arrangement between Solomon Islands and the Republic of China (Taiwan) looks possible in the near future.

This assurance was made yesterday by the ROC Minister of Education Tu, Cheng-sheng during a meeting with Prime Minister Sogavare and his Delegation in Taipei, Taiwan.

Minister Tu, Cheng-sheng said: “An advanced nation must seek to encourage students from around the world to study.”

He said the number of students from abroad as well as their quality was the only measure of how well that nation could encourage and retain human resources.

He continued: “International students on Taiwan campuses are the bridge to build friendly relations with other nations and to improve Taiwan’s understanding of the outside world.

“Cultivating such relationships is a form of diplomacy; it is also a means to establish closer relationships.”

Because of the strong relationship between the two countries, Tu, Cheng-sheng told the Delegation that his country would be too willing to consider the exchange of students.

Solomon Islands Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Dr. Derek Sikua, who is in the Solomon Islands Delegation said his Ministry would draw up a project proposal to explore any opportunity that may open the way for exchange of students/teachers and also curriculum officers.

Prime Minister Sogavare told Tu, Cheng-sheng that his government policy was working towards education for all by the year 2015. But he said his government would require assistance from outside to fulfill this goal.

Education system in Taiwan is well advance so that students are well prepared even in the elementary level. Students were introduced to computing much earlier that when they left the formal education system, they would be useful in the different sectors.

Mr. Tu, said this was how his country developed the education system over the past 40 years. He said today Taiwan is advance in technology because of the well established education system.

Education is so important in Taiwan that city streets are always empty during the day because students are in schools.

Taiwan offers scholarships to an average of 600 students annually. Currently, about 16 students are studying in Taiwan.

Source: Government Communications Unit

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