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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A plan to kill former Prime Minister revealed in court yesterday

A plot to kill the former Solomon Islands' Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza and three members of his government was revealed in court yesterday.

The three include Peter Boyers, Laurie Chan and Snyder Rini, who was elected Prime Minister on April 18th.

The plot was revealed in court when one of the alleged conspirators, former politician Alex Bartlett was yesterday charged with a count of conspiracy to commit felony. He was refused bail.

The other alleged conspirators include Central Honiara M-P Nelson Ne'e, East Honiara M-P Charles Dausabea and former Honiara City Mayor David Dausabea.

The court was told that the group had met five days prior to the April 18th riots.

The court was told the men conspired to kill members of the former government, wipe out Chinese businesses because they supported the former government and to destroy the Pacific casino hotel.

The prosecution told the court it expects to charge the two Honiara M-Ps with a count each of conspiracy to commit felony before tomorrow, whilst David Dausabea was held in custody overnight before appearing in court today where he is being formally charged.

The prosecution is relying on statements from a Willie Titia who claims he was present at the meeting.

Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza has also made a statement to the prosecution because the witness had told him about the plot.

Source: SIBC

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