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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Malaita students at KGVI School told to be honest and accountable

By Moffat Mamu

Malaita students studying at King George Sixth School in Honiara on Tuesday were challenged to be ambassadors of truth. Speaking as the guest of honour at the celebration marking the Malaita Second Appointed Day on Tuesday Finance Minister and Member of Parliament for Aoke/Langalanga Bartholomew Ulufa’alu reminded the students to maintain their spirit of truthfulness.

KGVI Malaita students performing a "Tage ai" dance during Malaita’s Second Appointed Day at the school on Tuesday night (picture by Solomon Star)

“By being honest, accountable and transparent you can be a better leader in the future,” Mr Ulufa’alu told the students. About 600 students from the school attended the ceremony hosted by the Malaita Students Association.

Mr Ulufa’alu said the country had gone through its darkest moments over the last few years and Solomon Islands need young leaders to take the country forward with “a mind that is open and constructive”. “To be a good leader one must think, talk and be active,” he told the students. “We need leaders who can think, discuss and very active to carry out the actions that he or she is talking about.”

Respect for others is one of the areas that the Finance Minister had highlighted adding that it is an essence of unity in the country in order to move the country move. “If we do not have respect for others then there won’t be any peace and harmony in the communities, which would disallow development in the country,” he said.

Malaita student representative speaking at the occasion also highlighted that as Malaita students they have a role to play for their province in terms of the human resource to develop their province in the years to come. “You have a responsibility in developing your province using the knowledge you gain from this institution. As emerging leaders you take heart of that as you strive to complete your education,” the Malaita student representative Nelson Dhita said.

The school administration also acknowledged the Malaita students for initiating the idea to host the day at the school. Tuesday night’s program featured speeches, entertainment, cutting of the Second Appointed Day cake and feasting. The highlight of the night was the cultural performances, which put the students on their feet. A number of the parents, guardians, and invited guests were also invited to the ceremony. Because of the program the entire school had the night off from study to enjoy the night with feasting and entertainment. Malaita Second Appointed Day was on Tuesday and in Malaita mass celebrations were also held to mark the day.

Source: Solomon Star

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