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Monday, August 07, 2006

Development updates from North Malaita


This update on some development initiatives currently happening in the North Malaita Constituency is being kindly forwarded to TARD by Mr Darlyn Ramo, who is teaching at Malu'u Community High School.

First of all, SIBC has reported that maintenance work on the Auki-Malu'u road has started. SIBC's North Malaita correspondent John Kiri says the work is being carried out by Kitano construction company.

The North road has deteriorated over the past ten years making it hard for farmers and business owners to become involve in economic activities. With the work already underway, truck and small business owners and farmers are looking forward to the day when normal commercial activities and transport services will recommence.

In other progressive developments within the To'abaita area, establishment of the Distance Learning Centre (DLC) at Malu’u is progressing very well and its building has now reached its second stage. Significantly, this is a good indicator of educational development for our people which for sure will help improve educational learning for North Malaita people to a high standard, regardless of its remoteness from the national and Provincial development centres.

Also, the Malu’u Market Building has now reached its finishing stage. This is a Market development project funded by the AusAid under its Community Base Rehabilitation programs in the Solomon Islands. This is expected to provide safe and efficient place for our rural people when selling their produces and other goods for their earnings.

Finally, the Malu’u Community High School has been handed six Computers by our North Malaita MP, Honourable Enele Kwanairara in mid last month which lifted Malu’u school face to the use of modern technology equipment. In fact, the use of those computers has improved note and documentation of Malu’u School programs and School activities to a higher standard. Likewise, it has also helped teachers familiarize themselves with the use of modern technology equipments.


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