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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Communities want Winds of Change to keep blowing

Communities in Honiara have asked the Winds of Change to continue their work for a change of heart amongst Solomon Islanders after today’s Town Council elections.

The group which is taking a new approach to their Clean Election Campaign for today’s Town Council poll said they had been touched by the number of people who asked the group to come back and work with their communities after the election.

Martin Moali, one of the campaign’s coordinator said yesterday that people, young and old were very interested in the Heart of Transformation presentation that the group had used this time. “Winds of Change believe it is within every person’s power to choose how they live their lives and so they can make a choice about how and what they do if they really want to. We call this process The Heart of transformation,” he said.

The Heart of Transformation uses a process of daily reflection, connection and correction that a person can make with God’s help,” Mr Moali said yesterday. “The aim of this process is to gradually on a daily basis turn your life to the goals of absolute honestly, absolute purity, absolute unselfishness and absolute love.”

A volunteer network of people from different, ethnic groups, background, culture and churches, Winds of Change ran a high profile national Clean Election Campaign in the lead up to the general elections earlier this year. But for the past few week the Winds of Change awareness teams have been visiting communities mostly in Honiara’s settlements to encourage people to think carefully about who to vote for in these elections but also to work with anyone in the community who would like to change their own hearts and approach to how they live their lives.

The communities visited include White River, Lord Howe Settlement, Koa Hill, Gilbert Camp and White River–Namurika community. The group has also been broadcasting nightly radio programs on SIBC. Winds of Change is not a new religion nor a political party, but a group of people volunteering their time because they believe to change the nation we need to change ourselves first, Mr Moali said.

Source: Solomon Star

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