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Monday, July 17, 2006

The outcomes of TARD's meeting on Friday (14/07/06)

The To'abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) members in Fiji have successfully held another meeting last friday at the University of the South Pacific Student Association's Conference room, with around 23 member attendees.

TARD boys discussing a point during the meeting

This has been the second official meeting of the Student Volunteer Organization this year and there is proposed monthly meetings after this.

The meeting began with a word of welcome by the Chairman, followed by a an opening prayer from Mr Simon Mau. After that there was a general briefing to several new members about the background of TARD and its goals.

Next was the presentation of a cash prize of FJD$100 to Mr Wilfred Atomea for winning the logo competition that was recently organised by TARD, with kind sponsorship from Leliana Daowana Firisua.

TARD logo prize winner,Wilfred Atomea (right), receiving his cash prize of FJ$100.

The outcome of the agendas discussed are summarised below so that To'abaitans, either students or working elites can take note of:

1. Our students in Fiji have agreed to contribute $20 each this semester to help the organisation towards planned fundraising activities this semester.

2. The organization will now open its bank account with ANZ this week, following the appointment of a treasurer and bank account signatories. A minimum opening balance of FJD$250 is already donated to TARD by Mr Leliana Daowana Firisua.

3. As soon as the bank account is openned, TARD will be seeking goodwill financial support from North Malaita people who are either studying or working in Honiara and overseas. This appeal will also be extended to business houses, funding agencies, NGOs, and other potential individuals.

4. TARD has commissioned a "Potential Working Paper for North Malaita Constituency" which was compiled by TARD after extensive collective research and discussion from To'abaita leaders. This report will be submitted shortly to our Member of Parliament for North Malaita, Honourable Daniel Enele Kwanairara for his feedbacks. Other interested people who want to read the working paper can request a copy from TARD by emailing us at

Left: a copy of the North Malaita Working Paper; right: TARD Sample Constitution

5. TARD members who attended the meeting have unanimously agreed to adopt a sample constitution that was debated during the meeting. The TARD Constitution will be finalised shortly by our Laywer students.

Some of the North Malaita women who attended the TARD meeting

6. We have also appointed a 6 member Committee to represent TARD in Honiara. Their roles will be to follow up on potential development proposals with endorsing authorities in Honiara or funding agencies. They will also advance the TARD Concept to other North Malaitans in Honiara and Malaita through meetings and fundraisings. They will also work in partnership with our North Malaita MP towards the rural development of North Malaita Constituency. The 6 Committee Member appointed to represent TARD in Honiara are:

Males: Joseph Inomae (Fo'ondo area), Jack Filiomea (Bita'ama area) & Ofani Eremae (Malu'u area)

Females: Rosemary Kafa (Malu'u area), Pauline Firisua (Loina area) & Salome Kwaiga (Fo'ondo area)

TARD will now contact the appointed members individually to seek their support and committment. Once they have accepted our request we will make a public confirmation on this later. But we believe they will take on this voluntary role as their personal contribution to help our rural communities in North Malaita.

7. TARD is currently in contact with two NGOs in New Zealand for assistance towards our medical health centres in North Malaita and another proposal is yet to be determined. When details are confirmed, we will also confirm it on this website.

The appointed TARD Executive Officers (l-r): Fiona Peupelu, Hubert Baselo, Exsley Taloiburi, Peter Fairamoa & Steven Filiomea.

8. Due to increasing requirements of TARD, we have decided to appoint an executive committee to take the leading voluntary role in managing the activities of the organization. The appointed Executive Officers are:

-Chairman: Mr Exsley Taloiburi
-Vice Chairman: Mr Peter Fairamoa
-Treasurer: Mr Hubert Baselo
-Secretary: Mr Steven Filiomea
-Women's rep: Mrs Fiona Peupelu


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