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Friday, July 14, 2006

Chairman of NPC expresses fear over law and order

The Chairman of the National Peace Council, NPC, Paul Tovua, has expressed fear that trouble may re-surface after the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands leaves the country.

"I think at the moment, people must no think RAMSI is the answer. RAMSI is just like the lid of a pot or container. Whilst the whole issue is inside the container is simmering and the lid is on, that's RAMSI. You take out the lid, the whole thing will boil up, unless important issues including land, squatting and development in other provinces come true."

Mr Tovua says there is still the need for the NPC to complete some of its tasks such as mediation with people affected by the social unrest, to ensure a proper reconciliation and rehabilitation process .

He say since the last government, the fate of NPC is uncertain, adding that this is unfair on the members as Solomon Islanders.

Mr Tovua says the strength of NPC in performing its task is its independence from the government bureaucracy.

Source: SIBC Online


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