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Monday, June 05, 2006

Nationwide health survey this year

The statistics department will pre-test its questions on a demographic health survey in August or September this year.

Government Statistician Nick Gagahe says the survey will focus on household and health issues and will be carried out nationwide.

Mr Gagahe says they're now working on the survey and will soon start recruiting people to do the job.

He says there will be twelve teams and each team will comprise of six members - three females to interview females, one supervisor and one male plus another health specialist.

Mr Gagahe says the health specialist is necessary because the survey will be measuring and weighing recipients.

He says the survey should complete by February 2007 and preliminary tables should be available by March and a final report about May.

The demographic health survey is the first of its kind to happen not only in Solomon Islands but the region as well.

Mr Gagahe says there will be three types of questionnaires, demographic, health and women's issues especially those between 15 to 49 and will target both male and female.

And he appeals to the public to assist those carrying the survey out because the results will be very important for the future of the country.



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