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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Malaita Premier work towards bridging rural people and the Provincial government

Malaita Premier Reuben Moli has made changes to his Provincial Executive structure.

In the new structure, the Premier has created a number of new portfolios within his Executive and has restructured others.

A statement from Auki said that the premier has initiated a system of coordinating Ministers whose job it is to lead teams of Ministers with responsibility for key areas of economic and human development.

Premier Moli said the province needs to have a system of Executive responsibility, linking the Wards and the Ward Members more closely with the work of the Provincial Government.

To enhance this system, Premier Moli has created four new Regional Ministerial portfolios.

These Ministers will be expected to work closely with their communities in the Northern, Western, Eastern and Southern Regions of Malaita, while the Malaita Outer Islands will be under the direct responsibility of the coordinating Minister for Regional Affairs, who is also the Deputy Premier.

Speaking about the structural changes, Premier Moli said, his government understands the importance of getting closer to its grassroots people.

He said people have a right to have their voices heard and to participate in the making of decisions about matters affecting their daily lives.

Premier Moli said that to be able to do this, there has to be a bridge between the people in their villages and the government leaders in Auki.

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