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Monday, June 12, 2006

Government launches radio program on SIBC

The Government is to launch a second initiative in its plans to ensure that people in the country especially those in the rural areas know what the government is doing and to get their views on policy issues.

As of tonight, the Government Communications Unit in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet will broadcast the first edition of the radio program, “GAVMAN BLONG IU AND IU.”

“We plan to broadcast two 15-minute programs a week on the National Broadcaster, SIBC with one scheduled for 8.45 pm every Monday night to be repeated at 07.45 am on Tuesday mornings and the second program to be broadcast at 7.10 pm on Saturday nights to be repeated 07.45 am on Sunday mornings,” Director of the Government Communications Unit, Mr Alfred Maesulia said.

“This series of radio programs, which is expected to go on for the next three months, is another initiative to support the already started weekly e-bulletin sent through the People First Network (PFNet) rural email stations throughout the country,” he said.

“With the new government’s focus on rural development, it is important our people especially those in our villages know what the government is doing and are able to comment and contribute towards any new policy initiatives.

“The government believes that an informed public is vital to any initiatives it plans to implement at the village level,” Mr Maesulia said.

The first several editions of the radio program GAVMAN BLONG IU AND IU will cover the various parts of the Grand Coalition for Change Government’s Policy document launched last month.



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