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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Solomon Islands Opposition Leader names his shadow Cabinet

The Parliamentary Opposition has announced its shadow Cabinet. Leader of Opposition Fred Fono announced his shadow Cabinet Minister's in a press release issued by his office yesterday.

The 20 member shadow cabinet is made up as follows:Milner Tozaka, Department of Public Service; Snyder Rini, National Planning and Aid Coordination; Peter Boyers; Ministry of Finance; William Haomae, Police and National Security; Enele Kwanairara, Justice and Legal Affairs; Edward Huniehu, Education and Human Resources Development; Martin Sopaghe, Health and Medical Services; Laurie Chan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Severino Nuaiasi, Department of Commerce, Industry and Employment; Johnson Koli, Culture and Tourism; Selwyn Riumana, Agriculture and Livestock; Siriako Usa, Lands and Surveys; James Tora, Infrastructure and Development; David Day Pacha, Communication, Aviation and Meteorology.

A former Solomon Islands Ambassador, Seth Gukuna is the shadow Minister for Forestry, Environment and Conservation.

Mark Kemakeza is shadow minister for the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources; Peter Shanel, Minister of Mines and Energy; Clement Kengava, Provincial Government and Constituency Development; Varian Lonamei, Ministry of Home Affairs and Augustine Taneko, Ministry of National Reconciliation and Peace.

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