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Thursday, May 18, 2006

SI Under 12 Soccer training squad trimmed

The national Under 12 training squad has been trimmed following a number of trial matches held last week at the national soccer academy.
Caretaker coach Victor Wai'ia admits it was not easy to select the 20 plus kids because all of them are good.
He says the trial matches helped him to pick out his best and he would now concentrate his effort in shaping a well-balanced team when training resumes this week.
Meanwhile, the squad had its first training yesterday at the national soccer academy.Those in the squad:
1. Philip Tome
2. Allen Samani
3. Freddy Pitaqae
4. Jamie Molea
5. Willie Witch
6. Charles Ashley Jnr
7. Keith Ashley
8. Jerence Kaomara
9. Chris Mae
10. Ashley Vasula
11. Alex Waimora
12. Scott Wata
13. Shayne Keru
14. Sean Lakoa
15. Isaac Kativerata
16. Ama Wickham
17. Willie Doedoke
18. Trewyn Qori
19. Ben Selo
20. Ben Akao
21. George Abana
22. David Suri
23. Junior Fa'arodo
24. Junior Apani
25. Solo Vara Kuki
26. Dudley Natei Jnr
27. John Kalu
28. Junior Maenuu
29. Desmond Hou
30. Collin Suri



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