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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A report of a Lotu trip by Reverend Michael Maeliau

Hello folks,

This latest report is based on a recent overseas' trip that a North Malaitan, Reverend Michael Maeliau, undertook late last month and even now. It is aimed at informing our To'abaita members throughout the world about the latest developments from North malaita in terms of "lotu".

Reverend Michael Maeliau's oversea trip
Reverend Michael boarded a plane on April 18 2006, a few hours before Honiara started burning. He was bound for Japan and other countries for various religious gatherings. The night before, Monday 17, he held a fellowship with a group of To'abaita, Mbaelelea and Baegu followers of the HOLINESS movement in Honiara. During the gathering he gave a briefing about the national election and other future programmes of the movement to the 30 or so people who were present. The group also prayed for the 50 MPs who would be voting for the new Prime Minister on Tuesday, April 18. Reverend Maeliau's trip took him to countries including Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Reverend Maeliau is currently in Cairns, Australia to take part in the Bethany Gate – All Pacific Prayer Assembly, APPA, Convocations, Australia 11-16 May 2006. Details of APPA Convocation and other Prayer movement related issues can be found at

Reverend Maeliau will be among the Speakers at the Convocation. He has had a vision called “The Deep Sea Canoe Vision”. The vision showed a revival that begins in the Pacific region and spreads around the world, eventually bringing revival to Jerusalem. Australia is a very significant part of this vision. May be around 10 Solomon Islanders including Reverend Maeliau will be participating in the Prayer Assembly in Cairns.

The House of Prayer for All Nations Vision
For more than a decade the House of Prayer for All Nations Jerusalem, who are based on the Mt of Olives where Jesus will return; has been raising up 24 hr 7 day a week Prayer, Praise & Worship -- Watches on the gates of Jerusalem.

Solomon Islands - Deep Sea Canoe - Aroma Training and Resource Centre
Hundreds of people from the three Northern Districts of SSEC (Makwanu, Malu’u and Fo’ondo) are expected to gather at Aroma Centre for a four day “Deep Sea Canoe” meeting from Monday 22 to Thursday 25 May.

Reports from: Joseph Inomae (SIBC and admin of


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