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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Malu'u selected among other areas for People's Survey

The first round of a People’s survey has got underway in selected areas in Solomon Islands.

The survey is being funded by RAMSI to provide Solomon Islanders the opportunity to express their views about some important national issues. The issues include access to basic services, security, law and order, access to justice, and representation in Parliament.

The People’s survey is Managed by the Australian National University Enterprise. Team Leader Dr Chris McMurray says the trial survey is being conducted in all three Honiara Constituencies and four Provinces, including Aola on Guadalcanal, Auki, Malu’u, East and South Malaita in Malaita province, Gizo and Munda in the Western Province and Taro in Choiseul Province.

Dr McMurray says if the results of the trial are found to be useful, larger national surveys may be conducted in future years. Each questionnaire may take up to 30 minutes to answer but the Team Leader appeals to all respondents for their understanding and help.

Results of the trial will be reported in the Solomon Islands media.

News source: SIBC Online (


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