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Thursday, May 04, 2006

BREAKING NEWS---Manasseh Sogavare is Solomon Islands' PM

Latest reports that reached us from our contact at SIBC stated that the election for the country' Prime Minister is now underway at the National Parliament. The Governor General has agreed that the two remanded Honiara MPs, Hon Charles Dausabea and Hon Nelson Ne'e, are eligible to vote the new PM.

It is confirmed that the two members of parliament for East and Central Honiara now in custody, cannot physically go to the Parliament House to cast their votes.

Ballot papers for the two MPs have been delivered to Rove by two guarded vehicles where the detainees are being held. Both detainees will mark their ballot papers and have them delivered back to Parliament in time for the election process to begin.

Meanwhile, security around the Parliament building is not as tight as expected. More than 100 members of the public are present around the building, waiting for the result of the election. They seem to behave well.

The official results has been announced and Manasseh Sogavare has been duly elected Prime Minister of Solomon Islands 16 days after the election of Snyder Rini who resigned on April 26 only after 8 days in office.

Hon. Sogavare announced to the cheering crowd that he would appoint his cabinet soon.

He said: “As Christian we can do nothing unless it is through God.”

Sogavare got 28 votes and Fono 22.

It is also revealed that the waiting crowd outside the National Parliament are now cheering and singing the national anthem. Car horns can also be heard all along the Honiara streets.

News Sources: Joe Inomae (SIBC) & Alfred Maesulia (Government Communications Unit)


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