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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sogavare to contest Prime Ministerial election

Socred Party leader Manasseh Sogavare who defected with four government MP’s to the left in parliament this morning is the Opposition’s candidate for the next Prime Minister.

Mr Sogavare who was offered the post of Minister of Commerce and Trade in Rini’s seven-day old government said his defection was made after a vigilant consideration of the events currently affecting the country.

“My decision to move to the Opposition camp was made mainly for the interest of people who wanted a change of government,” Mr Sogavare said.

He said the anger that sparked two days of violent protests in Honiara immediately after the election of Mr Rini last week demonstrates that people in this country wanted a change of government.

“The only way to address that problem is to solve the core issues behind them.

“If we address the root causes then, that will satisfy people,” Mr Sogavare said.

He said addressing the core of the problem would also determine the presence of security forces in Honiara.

“The troops came in response to the security situation that affects the country.

“The presence of troops only solves the effects of violence not the root causes of it,” he said.

Mr Sogavare said it is the leaders that must dig up the root of the problem and address it.

The MP for East Choiseul is confident that there will be no more defection to the other camp ahead of the election of the next Prime Minister.

“I can confidently say there’s not going to be any further move from this camp because such moves will cause more trouble,” he said.

He said the result of events this morning is a clear indication that good majority from the Opposition is intact and they are likely to form the next government.

News source: George Herming (Government Communications Unit)


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