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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Single Ballot Box Praised

Voters were pleased with the introduction of the single ballot voting system at yesterday's (Wednesday) election. Many people said the system is pretty much simple and convenient and it reduces any possibility of vote buying. Others expressed satisfaction with simple instructions by presiding officers at polling stations on queries from a number of confused voters.

“This voting system is very simple and convenient for us.
“I believe it will largely reduce any attempted “vote buying” at the polls because everybody watches when voters cast their votes,” an elderly man said.

Returning Officers too said the single ballot system will be easier for transportation purposes because each polling station has just a single ballot box. “It saves energy and space on boats,” an ARO said.

Meanwhile reports from a voter in North-West Choiseul urges responsible authorities to at least allow two polling assistants to instruct visually impaired voters during elections. The man raises the concern today after noticing that only a single polling assistant was allowed to instruct a visually impaired voter at one polling station in North-West Choiseul. He said the possibility that wishes of visually impaired voters may be manipulated is high.

“To be fair, I think there should be a regulation that should allow at least two polling assistants to instruct any visually impaired voter. “Chances of manipulating the voter’s intention are high,” the man said. Other people spoken to also supported the idea of allowing two assistants to instruct people who have disability problems.

Reports from: George Herming (Government Communications Unit)


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