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Monday, April 24, 2006

SI Opposition denies responsibility for riots: Dausabea arrested

Radio Australia has reported that the Opposition in Solomon Islands has denied it organised the violence that erupted in the capital, Honiara, following last Tuesday's election of Synder Rini as Prime Minister.

From reports that reached ABC Radio; two Opposition MP's, Nelson Ne'e and Patrick Vahoe Junior, have been arrested. Solomon Star also reported that Honourable Charles Dausabea was also arrested this morning after his swearing in at the Parliament house. He is wanted by the Solomon Islands police for investigations in connection with last weeks' riots.

It is believed that Ne'e will be charged for intimidation and supporting an unlawful society, Vahoe for breaching the curfew regulations whilst Dausabea is wanted for questioning on his alleged role in instigating the rioting last week.

According to ABC Radio, the leader of the Opposition group in Parliament, Job Dudley Tausinga, has categorically denied claims by Prime Minister Rini that the Opposition was behind last week's looting and burning. "The destruction of the city was a release of emotion that had built up over a number of years.I wish to categorically deny that we have any part on that. We have no love to incite violence. A country that is devastated is not liveable," said Tausinga.

Mr Tausinga says the Opposition will be attempting to remove Prime Minister Rini legitimately through a vote of no confidence on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, SIBC reports has it that Speaker of Parliament Sir Peter Kenilorea has been nominated unopposed for the same post. This was confirmed at the close of nominations by Clerk to Parliament Taiasi Sanga.

Mrs Sanga also confirmed that two candidates will be contesting the post of Deputy Speaker. They are Sir Allan Kemakeza and the outgoing Deputy Speaker, Temotu Nende MP Patteson Oti.

Reports from Johnson Honimae at the Government Communication Unit stated that Prime Minister Snyder Rini still maintains his confidence in the numbers of his elected government adding that the number of MPs in his coalition will increase in due time.

Amidst the continuing deflecting of some MP’s from the government’s camp to the Opposition, the Prime Minister says that he had already secured the support of other MP’s that will replace those who crossed the floor.

What ever the outcome be we will just wait and see as it unfolds within the next few weeks or so.

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