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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

North Malaita MP urged to resign: Does the call represent a majority of voters or just a few?

Editor's note: While we respect people's individual rights in expressing their voices, it is important to analyse things properly before decisions are made.

TARD believe that if the group is serious about this recent move they should go down to the communities in North malaita and get collective feedbacks and a signed petition from the majority of constituents that elected the new MP. It is not reasonable to say that a group of 30 people in Honiara can represent the wish of the majority 2292 voters who elected our new MP.

TARD is a neutral volunteer body and we do not support any party. We only provide advises, as the educated elites from North malaita constituency. There are right procedures to follow which are constitutional. Please learn from past events and let us work together with our MP to pursue development aspirations of our region.

The North Malaita MP and Minister for Mines and Energy, Daniel Enele Kwanairara, has been asked to resigned from the government of Snyder Rini. A spokesman for a group of more than 30 North Malaita people who met on Sunday in Honiara, Moses Makamu, says the group is urging Mr Kwanairara to resign from the government because this is the wish of the people.

Mr Makamu says the group which represent the people of North Malaita constituency had on two occasions yesterday tried to pass on the message to their MP at his home in Honiara, but without success. The spokesman says the people are looking forward to cooperating with their MP.



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