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Sunday, April 16, 2006

North Malaita MP conveys "Thank You" message

TARD has posted a congratulatory message to our new North Malaita MP through SIBC News and Solomon Star. Joe Inomae (SIBC)has briefed our MP, Mr Enele Kwanairara, about the TARD initiative on friday. During that conversation, he has conveyed his thank you message to all of us To'abaita and part-To'abaita students and leaders. Below is a quote from Joe Inomae about that short conversation that he had with our MP.

"Hello wantoks and friends.

Our MP Daniel Enele Kwanaira was on the phone on friday afternoon to check the number of candidates contesting the Prime Ministership. That was just before nomination closed at 4pm (SI Time) on friday.

We talked briefly. I told him about your group and he thanked you for the news about your congratulatory message on his re-election. I told him that you students want to help in anyway you can to develop North Malaita. Our MP said the initiative to assist in the development of our region was a good idea.

The Malaita Maasina Forum group is arranging a reconciliation meeting next Saturday. The meeting is being organised for the newly elected members of Parliament for Malaita and Malaitans living in Honiara. General Secretary of the William Gua says this was agreed to in a meeting of the Forum on Wednesday. The reconciliation meeting is to enable people to reconcile and forget the things that happened in the past and cooperate with the new government to rebuild the nation. Mr Gua says the meeting would also enable the new MPs of Malaita understand their people so that they can work freely with an open mind in the government.

Let’s hope that meeting would be an opportune time to meet some North Malaita senior people who are working in Honiara to advance the ideas TARD has been advocating in cooperating to develop our constituency.


Joseph Inomae
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