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Monday, April 24, 2006

A letter to our North Malaita MP: Solomon Star today (24/04/06)

I wish to congratulate the former Member of Parliament for North Malaita Constituency for successfully winning back his Parliamentary seat in the recent national general elections.

I would also convey my sincere thanks to his followers especially the campaign masters who contributed a lot during the member’s campaign period.Many thanks and blessings be rendered upon you for your tireless efforts and time given during this very important time in the history of Solomon Islands.

Any way as a keen supporter, I am urging the member for North Malaita Constituency to look broader in ways to develop his constituency. So far, as far as the constituency is concerned, there have not been any developments seen in the constituency for the past years. During the campaigning period there were lots of noise about developments, but nothing has been done in the constituency. I urge the member not to give money only to his voters. This system has been done in the past. The system should have been ceased by now. This brings nothing to the development of your constituency at large. It is far more better to develop the constituency rather than spending on unnecessary things.

Contrary, I know that you have a committee consisting of men from the three ( 3) wards namely wards 7, 8 and 9 respectively. As was seen during the term in office these people are very bias or I could say that they adopt the system of family ties, tribal genealogies, voters etc. Please be fair with whatever, whoever brings his/her need to your table even though he/she did not vote for you.

Be merciful to all of us as the RCDF is not for certain people only.I am not degrading your leadership status, but rather hope this adds another step forward in considering the above issues relating to developments in North Malaita Constituency. Once again my good leader we want to see what you preach become reality, not just empty words.

A concerned youth
North Malaita Constituency



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