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Friday, April 07, 2006

It's Official Our New North Malaita MP is Mr Enele Kwanairara: the "Tree" of life rules

Our New North Malaita MP (Mr Enele Daniel Kwanairara)

It has been confirmed by Joseph Inomae at SIBC that our new MP for North Malaita Constituency is Mr Enele Kwanairara. Mr Kwanairara has been the out-going MP who won the seat during the by-elections in December 2004 after Daniel Fa'afunua was jailed. He was also the care-taker Minister for Agriculture prior to the elections. He has assisted several rural communities over his short term in office by either initiating or facilitating projects that can be witnessed today in North Malaita constituency. He hails from Darawarau Village near Malu'u station, and has been a former MP before he returned to parliament during the by-elections in 2004.

On behalf of all the To'abaita students, elite leaders, and grassroots both within the Solomon Islands and overseas, we would like to formally CONGRATULATE YOU MR ENELE KWANAIRARA for being our new North Malaita MP. We hope that your term in parliament will bring solutions to our aspiring rural needs. We also congratulate our people in North Malaita for exercising your right through your votes. The voice of a majority has to be respected and we welcomed your decision. The To'abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) which has been monitoring this election in our region closely would like to assure our new MP that we are committed to assist and work together with you in your development plans and initiatives so that we can develop our beautiful North Malaita region.

The ranking of candidates in North Malaita constituency are as follows:
1. Daniel Enele KWANAIRARA 2292 votes (a majority of 805 votes)
2. Michael MAELIAU 1487 votes
3. Michael IRO 478 votes
4. Ronnie FAIGA 474 votes
5. Jemuel William LIOBANA 413 votes
6. Benjamin Laefanaomea RIIGA 221 votes
7. Starling DAEFA 188 votes
8. George WALENENEA 22 votes
9. Moffat Steven GANISUA 9 votes

Reports from: Joe Inomae
Picture from: Governement Communication Unit


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