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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Feedback From Mr Steven Wagenseil on the Report TARD submitted on the Live Coverage of Election Results

Hello folks, following the report that TARD has submitted to the Coordinator of the UNEAD Election Observer Coordination Team yesterday, we are pleased that Mr Steven Wagenseil has responded today with encouraging remarks on our initiatives. Below is a direct quote of his email message that was received today through our TARD email address:

Dear TARD,

"Many thanks for sending along your analysis of the coverage which your
election blog gathered during the past week.

I enjoyed visiting your website over the previous several days, as your
perspective was most useful to us while we attempted to follow what was
going on across the country. As you may know, our Election Observer
Coordination Team was only six people (three international and three
locally-recruited) and we were hard-pressed to complete the job in the
short time-frame available to us. Outside sources of information such as
yours helped increase out knowledge base tremendously.

As we prepare to leave Solomon Islands, you should know that I will
take your address along with me, so that I can continue to follow
developments in the Solomons (both political and economic) from the other side of the

With all best wishes to you, your countrymen, and your country,

Steven Wagenseil
UNEAD Election Observer Coordination Team
Honiara, SI"

Editor's note: One of TARD's main objective is to create linkages between important contacts and funding organisations so that they can be aware of our visions. We believe that this is one way that this objective has been achieved.


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