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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Hi folks,

Latest reports that reached TARD from our contact at SIBC revealed that PM elect Honourable Snyder Rini has just resigned from Prime Ministership. Reports has it Honourable Manasseh Sogavare and his supporters have deflected back to support the opposition. This has enabled the Opposition to claim a majority to oust Rini's coalition government. The government of Snyder Rini will definitely go down in the country's history as the shortest government ever.

Reports from the Government Communication Unit stated that Solomon Islands newly elected Prime Minister Snyder Rini this morning resigned just minutes before a “no confidence motion” against his coalition government was debated in parliament. He was understood to have expected a number of defections from his group if the motion was allowed on the floor of parliament.

Five ministers from his coalition government led by Socred Party leader Manasseh Sogavare and Government Backbenchers suddenly switched to the opposition bench before parliament started. Government MPs who left Rini’s camp included Manasseh Sogavare, Clay Forau Soalaoi, Siriako Usa, Peter Shanel and Martin Sopaghe.

Mr Rini will remain as caretaker Prime Minister until the election of a new Prime Minister. A date for the re-election of a new Prime Minister is yet to be decided . Parliament has adjourned until 9.30am tomorrow.

It is still uncertain which side of the house Sogavare’s group will team up with to form the next coalition.

However, reports has it that cars are beeping their horns on the streets and people are cheering after being aware that Rini has eventually resigned.

Editor's note: The only issue is that the resignation comes at a time that the damage has already been done. It is also a major concern that some members in the likes of Honourable Sogavare and his cohorts are easily pulled by the noses from one camp to another since the first day of their elections. It is hard to compromise where Honourable Sogavare and his Socred party's loyalty lies because from what we have observed; he was once with the opposition on day 1, then he formed his own group at the Pacific casino, next he voted in favour of Hon Rini after he was eliminated in the first round of the PM electionship. He was given a ministerial post until yesterday in Rini's coalition government but then today he switched camps again. Is the actions of Hon Sogavare and his cohorts in the best interest of the nation or it's the matter of personal benefits.....this is something that we might have different views on.

News sources: Joseph Inomae (SIBC) & Alfred Maesulia (Government Communication Unit)


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