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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Malaita voters want leaders with bottom-up approach to development

The TARD volunteer group supports the call made by rural Malaitans whereby a leader that we need to elect in the North Malaita Constituency should have vision and committment towards a bottom-up approach to development.

By Joseph Inomae (SIBC)

People in the rural parts of Malaita province have expressed the need for a bottom-up approach to development.

SIBC's Joseph Inomae reports from Auki that various people, including some candidates who are contesting the April five elections say its time the people of Solomon Islands do things for themselves.While acknowledging the help from development partners to Solomon Islands, Mr Inomae says the people want to see leaders who have a vision to start developments that would improve and sustain their livelihoods.The people cite the Central Kwara'ae credit union scheme and related developments as an example of people doing things for themselves.They say its good to see community based developments taking place in the province.

News source: SIBC


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