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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Look Back at To'abaita Student Achievements in 2005-2006

Looking back at year 2005-2006, we can proudly say that To'abaita students have attained various achievements that created a good image and reflection of our region rather than the bad picture and impression that To'abaita was renowned for in the past. These achievements include students that completed their programs, students that won writing competitions, external student training, and students continuing their programs of study in 2006.

To'abaita students that completed their peograms in 2005:
1. Peter Fairamoa (Diploma in Geography Information Systems)
2. Salome Kwaiga (Bachelor of Arts-History Politics and Socialogy)
3. Hilda Maeda(Bachelor of Arts-Management and Economics)
4. Darlyn Ramo (Bachelor of Education-History Politics)
5. Exsley Taloiburi (Postgraduate Diploma in Marine Science)
6. Rosemary I'ilu (Diploma in Environmental Health-FSM)

Students that won writing competitions in 2005:
1. Alwyn Danitofea-Pacific Plan Essay Competition winner. He received FJ$5,000 and also attended the Forum Leaders Meeting in Port Moresby in October 2005.
2. Exsley Taloiburi-Fiji wide Motibhai story winner. He received FJ$1,000. He also went as a chaperone for Alwyn to the Forum Leaders Meeting in Port Moresby.

Student external training:
1. Exsley Taloiburi-Represented Solomon Islands and USP at the University of the Sea Marine Research Cruise 2006 from Auckland-Noumea-Sydney. The trip began on 6th Feb and ended on 28th Feb 2006. He also received a Diploma from the University of Sydney for his participation.
2. Ruby Kahui-Fairamoa-She is currently undertaking her practicum training at Honiara High School this semester as part of her program requirements.

New and Continuing students from 2005-2006:
We had a 100% rate of continuing To'abaita students who passed their courses last year and have returned to continue this year. This is a clear reflection of the seriouness and committment that our students have towards their study. We also welcomed some new To'abaita students to USP, FIT and FSM that have worked really hard in the Solomons and attained good grades to get scholarships from SIG, NZAID,and ROC-PIF.

Our students will strive to excel again this year and lift the name of To'abaita.


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