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Monday, March 20, 2006

Knowing the History of Solomon Islands Government

As we draw near to the D-Day on April 5 2006, it is important to reflect on our past leaders who have led the country through independence and strived to maintain Solomon Islands as an independent and sovereign nation. This is an account of the important positions in government prior to and after independence (Courtesy of Joeblog).

1. Solomon S Mamaloni (Sept 1974-1976)
2. Sir Peter Kenilorea (1976-1978)

1. Sir Peter Kenilorea (1978-1980, 1984-1986)
2. Ezekiel Alebua (1986-1989)
3. Solomon Mamaloni (1981-1986, 1989-1993, 1994-1997)
4. Francis Billy Hilly (1993-1994)
5. Bartholomew Ulufa'alu (1997-5th June 2000 through a coup)
6. Manasseh Sogavare (2000-2001)
7. Sir Allan Kemakeza (2001-2006, ???????)

1. Sir Baddley Devesi (1978-1988) 2 consecutive terms
2. Sir George Lepping (1988-1994)
3. Sir Moses Pitakaka (1994-1999)
4. Sir Father John Ini Lapli (1999-2004)
5. Sir Nathaniel Waena (2004-current)

1. Silas Sitai (Governing Council, before independence)
2. Sir Frederick Osifelo (1978-1979)
3. Sir Maepeza Gina (1980-1988)
4. Waeta Ben Tabusasi (1989-1993)
5. Paul Tovua (1993-2001)
6. Sir Peter Kenilorea (2001-current)

1. Daniel Maeke
2. Isaac Qoloni
3. Frank Pororara
4. Sir Peter Kenilorea (Before being appointed Speaker of National Parliament in 2001
5. John Smith Pitabelama (current)

I hope this piece from the past will help to appreciate those Solomon Islands leaders, some of whom have died. The country has lost former Prime Minister, Solomon Mamaloni; former Parliament Speakers, Silas Sitai and Sir Frederick Osifelo and former Ombudsmen Daniel Maeke and Isaac Qoloni. WE SALUTE THEM ALL.



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